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- Dylan Walker
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This webiste is made in Computer Science for our term 2 project. This project has been very interesting, challenging and we have been given the oppurtunity to work on it ourself and extend our skills and make our websites better. This website has been created by me but I have received help from my brother and father as they know alot about IT.

This Website:

- Dylan Walker
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We have been assigned to create a website on neocities about "The Internet". We have around half a term (5 weeks) to complete this website. It will include many keywords of the internet, 2 videos from youtube and my explanation on how the internet actually works, some links of tools/websites I used to create this website, and more things I decide to add that is extra and just from my interests. I have been adding and making templates etc for fun. I have been working on this website in my own time at home as well. I would recommend that more people should attempt to create a website using html/css. It is easy to use and you can easily find out how to use html and css on the internet.

About Me

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I am half japanese and half english. I do many extra curricular activities - more detail in below. I am a student at Tawa College, New Zealand. I am a year 9. My interests vary from sports, technology to IT. I have one brother who attends Samuel Marsden Whitby, he is a year 12 and has assisted me in this project.

My Extra Curricular Work:

1. Kaizen Football U-15s

2. FTC Football U-14s

3. Wellington Futsal Reps U-14s A

4. Samba Futsal U-16s Team, U-21s Training

5. Tawa Football U-14s

6. Japanese School

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